my scrap book

  1. Pitch Perfect - Bellas Finals

  2. this we called sharing is caring… :3

  3. Michael Jackson - They Don’t Care About Us

  4. The Book That Can’t Be Read

  5. Do I have a soul?


  6. <3 this song

  7. Payphone - Sungha Jung

  8. Found this video again in my hardisk. Video of our family cat, Comel bit my baby brother ear while he sleep that time.

  9. One of my favorite Mandarin Chinese song. Tong hua means fairy tale. This song telling that true love just like a fairy tale, not all can have it. Even if we can have it, sometimes it cant last forever because God are more powerful than human, anytime He can take our life just like that.

  10. Seriously, if i have a baby one day, i might consider to have a cat as a babysitter, they’re better than human.

  11. This is the prove that human stupider than animal for real… sometimes i wish i was an animal… 

  12. 1st time i listened this song was 2 days ago after watching snow white and the huntsman. Just love it. Florence + the Machine as usually did the incredible job.

  13. How do you judge a book? 



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